Thermoregulation in compression stockings

Soft organic cotton and recycled polyamide create a thermoregulating effect. Both materials are contained in the compression stocking mediven cotton*. This is why it helps to balance the temperature: if it is hot, it has a cooling effect - if it is cold, it isolates.

Feel the thermoregulation in mediven cotton compression stockings

What is Thermoregulation?

Thermoregulation is the balancing of fluctuations in body or skin temperature (heat balance). Human thermoregulation takes place through complex physiological processes. Clothing made of certain textiles can support this by absorbing or releasing heat. This results in a comfortable temperature regulation in which the material - depending on the situation - cools or warms.

How does thermoregulation work with organic cotton in a compression stocking?

The mediven cotton* offers an optimal fibre combination to support thermoregulation. It consists of 27 percent genuine organic cotton. Directly on the skin, the cotton has an absorbent function: it absorbs excess moisture as well as sweat from the skin and stores it inside the fibre. At higher temperatures, the liquid evaporates.  

The functional fibres are moisture-repellent: polyamide and elastane on the outside of the compression stocking wick moisture and water vapour away to the outside. This results in a cooling evaporation effect for a fresh feeling on the leg. The stocking is also comfortable to wear in the warm season.  

In addition, small air chambers are enclosed in the knitted fabric, which have an isolating effect at lower temperatures - the leg remains pleasantly warm.


Show remark:

* Intended purpose: mediven cotton
Round-knitted medical compression stocking used for compression of the lower extremities, mainly for the treatment of disorders of the venous system.