Medical compression garments

Disease-modifying treatment for vein disease, lip- and lymphoedema and for thrombosis prophylaxis

Medical compression garments from medi

Which compression stocking is the right one for me?

The severity of a venous disease determines the pressure required. Compression stockings in four different compression classes are available from specialist dealers. Depending on the location of the damage to the veins and how far it has progressed, different lengths of compression stocking are used.

The ideal compression garment

The assortment ranges from knee length stockings and thigh stockings to pantyhose. There are special versions for men and pregnant women. Wearing a compression stocking is generally not unpleasant, as is usually suggested. Wearing a correctly fitted stocking has an immediately noticeable relieving effect and is a real treat for the legs.

Caution: support stockings and support pantyhose are different from medical compression garments. Support stockings are only suitable for people with healthy veins, while orthopaedic stockings are prescribed by doctors and fitted by surgical appliance retailers.

An elegant compression garment is a joy to wear

The times in which compression stockings were cynically referred to as rubber stockings that were ugly and uncomfortable are long since gone: the sheerest transparent material and an enormous variety of trend colours make mediven compression stockings look like Nylons these days.

In order to make compression treatment simple as well, medi offers a donning aid for compression garments: medi Butler, the daily little helper pre-stretches the compression garment to make it easier to put on.