Customised compression treatment

Topbands for compression stockings

Perfect hold in therapy: Compression stockings with topbands

The four variants of the medi topbands allow for special solutions for vein and lymph patients whose therapy involves medical compression stockings. Under the motto "Simply medi", we offer a clearly structured, uniform range of topbands in round knit or flat knit – for the perfect grip in treatment tailored to the patient.

NEW – Silicone micro dot topband sensitive: For sensitive skin and firm connective tissue


  • Barely noticeable, fine micro-nubs on the reverse, for a reliable grip
  • Very good air circulation
  • Neutral design
  • Fine, thin topband quality

Suitable for:

  • Women / men
  • Firm connective tissue
  • Normal leg shapes
  • Sensitive skin

Available for:

Plain silicone topband rose: For fashion-conscious users

Silicone dot topband: Particularly good grip for soft connective tissue

Silicone dot topband motif: Combines the benefits of the nubbed topband with visual elegance

Hip attachment

Suspender belt