Back pain, a very widespread condition

Back pain is a very widespread condition

Strong back – for a better life

Back pain accounts for the highest number of days off sick and is the number one health complaint in Germany. This has been proved by the 2013 Health Report on obligatory members of the statutory health insurer BKK (Source: The muscles in the back work on the principle of interplay between so-called "agonists" and "antagonists".

Chronic incorrect loading or acute overloading lead to a situation, in which some movements place excessive demands on "agonists" or "antagonists". This leads to muscular tension and pain. If muscles are pushed to the limit, they can block the related joint. This phenomenon is colloquially called "lumbago".

How to relieve back pain?

Thus the "pain in the back" has many causes: sitting for too long at work, loading the back incorrectly and, above all, too little physical exercise. Once the doctor has made a diagnosis, regular exercise and sports are often the first step in relieving back pain. A carefully strengthened muscular apparatus both supports and relieves the spinal column in the long term.

The body becomes more lithe; ligaments and muscles stronger and more resilient. If pain hampers the recommended physical activity, back supports such as Lumbamed plus with an integrated massage pad. The support is effortlessly put on like a belt with just one hand and has a hook and eye fastener at the front. It exerts a positive effect on the back: it moulds itself to the contours, has a gentle massage action and stabilises the lumbar region. This activates the metabolism, muscular tension can be reduced and pain relieved. The back supports are available at medical supply stores. The doctor can prescribe them if necessary.

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