Clavicle supports

Clavicle supports can support healing after a fracture of the clavicle or shoulder girdle surgery. 

Clavicle supports from medi

Fixation of the shoulder girdle with clavicle supports

Frequent injuries of the shoulder girdle include fractures (for example, of the clavicle) or dislocations. Here, the clavicle supports from medi are used: They promote healing, by immobilising the shoulder girdle and retracting the shoulder in a targeted manner. 

If necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi clavicle support. 

Fixation of the shoulder girdle in the case of injuries of the clavicle

The collarbone has very little muscle protection. It is located directly under the skin. That is why it is often affected by injuries that can severely limit our mobility. In order for it to heal, the shoulder girdle must be kept immobilised: The clavicle is connected to the shoulder joint and the sternum. Together with the scapula, it forms the shoulder girdle, which ensures that we can flexibly move our arms in all directions.