igli carbon insoles

The right insole for every foot

Every foot is unique: this is why igli carbon insoles have been designed with posts that can be individually positioned wherever needed, thus enabling the insole to be individually tailored to fit the wearer. They stimulate and cushion the muscles of the feet to treat excess stress or malpositioning of the foot.

The special carbon bar supports and guides the foot - in sports shoes, sturdy or high-heeled shoes.

igli carbon insoles

What is malpositioning of the foot?

Malpositioning of the foot is caused when the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones in the foot are out of balance. Long-term bad posture or excessive strain can cause a number of complaints, for example, in the knee joint or back.

The most common malpositioning is the flat valgus foot. This occurs when the ankle joints buckle inwards and press the foot downwards. This flattens the arch, which is then less able to absorb the shock of the steps we take. This puts more strain on the feet.

Orthopaedic insoles counteract this stress, softly cushioning the foot and stimulating the muscles.


Malpositioning of the foot
How do insoles work?

How do insoles work?

The igli carbon insoles from medi are masters of balance: they provide a gentle, cushion effect when the stress is highest.

Insoles support the foot where the arch is flattened and special stimuli activate the muscles. Your orthopaedic technician will decide exactly how the insole is to work based on a thorough analysis of the condition of your foot.

Thanks to the posts in igli carbon insoles, they can be individually tailored to your needs and footwear to ensure your feet get the best possible care.

This even works in high heels!

Also for high heels

Intelligent product details

Intelligent product details
  1. Microfibre cover

    For a pleasant, hygienic feel.

  2. Thermosoft foot bed

    Targetted guidance for the foot: from the heel to the heads of the metatarsal bones.

  3. Pad

    Gentle support for the transverse arch.

  4. Carbon bar

    Distributes the pressure evenly and flexibly over the whole tread surface area.

  5. Posts

    Support the arch, correct the position of the foot and can stimulate the muscles.

Insoles for every foot and for every situation

Whether for sport, or to relieve symptoms or for prevention – the igli carbon insoles always offer optimum care. All models work on the same intelligent principle of variable posts. They are individually tailored to the insole as required, correct posture and stimulate the muscles. The carbon supports the natural movements when running and walking. The insoles meet a wide variety of requirements, depending on the indication and the shoe, and provide the perfect solution for every foot.