Skin care

Intensive skin care during the compression therapy

Intensive skin care during the compression therapy

Care for stressed skin

If you wear compression stockings, you should only use products that are specially matched to your compression garments. With the medi skin care range, you can be certain that only tried-and-tested and high-quality active ingredients are used that do not damage the stocking. Furthermore: look for the period-after-opening symbol, the "open jar". The month shown in the jar shows you how long the contents can be kept after opening the packaging.

How to keep your skin silky smooth and healthy

What helps for dry skin? The right care. This starts with daily washing. The ideal shower is short and not too hot. Mild shower gels or oils are suitable as body wash. And even if you find it difficult to resist: prolonged soothing soaks in the tub are not a good idea. They leach the skin out too much. After cleansing the skin, it is best to care for your face and body with a lotion or cream. The care products should be suited to the individual skin type. We differentiate here between normal, oily, dry to very dry and sensitive skin.

Rich moisturising products are recommended for dry skin. Age plays a role in this connection too. Because: the skin grows thinner and thinner over the years. The sebaceous glands and the horny layer no longer work as efficiently and the skin dries out. Besides the right care, your diet can also influence the condition of your skin – both positively and negatively. Since the skin requires plenty of nutrients, a poor complexion can be a sign of nutritional deficiency. So the same generally applies to the skin as to the whole body: a varied and balanced diet is very important. This includes plenty of fruit and vegetables, milk and wholemeal products, fish and little meat. Extra tip: drink plenty of fluids! By drinking enough water, we help our skin to fill its fluid storage reservoir. You should drink about one and a half to two litres a day. And finally: regular physical exercise, enough sleep and little stress promote a healthy complexion. There's a good reason why the Germans refer to their skin as the mirror of the soul - no matter whether you "jump out of your skin" or something or somebody "gets under your skin". You should look after yourself and your skin. It reveals more than you think.