E+motion®: the new generation of premium medi sports supports


E+motion – performance that keeps athletes moving forward.

The new generation of supports impresses with top performance for the knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and back. The symbiosis of a modern, sporty look and medical benefits is especially suited to active people who want more: more stability, comfort and functionality.

E+motion sports supports combine more than 70 years of compression experience with innovative technology made in Germany.

“Best back support I’ve had.” 

Simon Hüttel, co-trainer of the Nordic Combined at DSV, wore the Lumbamed plus E+motion for the back 

My level. My performance. My E+motion®.

The triple performance combination of material, fit and knit fabric provides effective support with every movement:

The new E+motion sports supports convince with merino wool and Dry Skin technology


With merino wool and Dry Skin technology. 

The merino wool content is natural, odour-resistant and thermoregulating. Dry Skin technology ensures that moisture is wicked away from the skin up to two times faster.*

The ergonomic sports knit of the E+motion sports supports is comfortable with every movement


Ergonomic sports knit – comfortable with every movement and an almost wrinkle-free fit.

The XL movement zones provide maximum flexibility in flexion areas – for more freedom of movement exactly where it is needed. 

Elastic threads in the E+motion sports supports provide a tighter fit


Stability, massage and power in fabric.

Elastic threads make the knitted fabric more than 25 percent tighter and 10 percent thinner than other fabrics.* The 3D silicone quartz pads produce a soothing massage effect during movement and stimulate blood circulation.

“Perfect for all sporty activities.” 

Nina Jung, physio therapist of the Nordic Combined at DSV, on the Levamed E+motion for the ankle 

All E+motion® sports supports at a glance

“The support gives me more stability in my lower back and I feel more comfortable when skiing.” 

Toni Tremmel, ski racer at DSV, wore the Lumbamed plus E+motion for the back 

E+motion® sports supports – tested by top athletes

Top performance with E+motion sports supports 

Top athletes have put the function of our E+motion supports through their paces on numerous occasions with a focus on key aspects of material, fit and compression. This is because the closer a garment – or a support – is worn to the body, the greater the importance of elasticity, an ergonomic cut and wearing comfort.1

Our E+motion supports are used in daily training, in competition, during rehabilitation and for leisure. We are deeply grateful for the faith placed in us and also for the athletes sharing their experiences. Their top performances demonstrate the top performance of our supports.

“Comfortable to wear with compression effect.
Perfect after tendonitis.” 

Vanessa Hinz, former biathlete at DSV,
wore the Manumed active E+motion for the wrist 

“The support stabilises the ankle joint perfectly. This makes it feel more secure.” 

Laura Häusl, skicross rider at DSV,
wore the Levamed E+motion for the ankle 

medi sports supports put to the test – the results 

92 per cent of the athletes surveyed value quick moisture wicking in sports products that they wear directly against their body, because moisture accumulation has a negative impact on comfort. 

To ensure that clothing – or supports – do not stick uncomfortably to the skin, the choice of material as well as the material construction is very important. Sweat is transported to the outside of the support, where the moisture is slowly released into the ambient air2. In this way, the moisture does not remain in contact with the skin.


The Emotion supports, which wick away moisture up to twice as fast as other products* due to the Dry Skin technology, were rated very good with a score of 4.14 out of 5. 

Merino wool has many properties that are appreciated by athletes: many prefer – where they have a choice – sports products that contain merino wool. With this, users are increasingly concerned that the wool is mulesing-free to ensure animal welfare. 


92 percent find merino wool comfortable on the skin. 54 percent appreciate the thermoregulating effect. 46 percent value odour neutrality.

Fit and ergonomics are particularly important for athletes. Users expect the support to feel as comfortable as possible when worn. A support has to fit securely without wrinkles and still allow freedom of movement – especially around the flexion areas of the joints.3


The E+motion Performance supports received an excellent rating for their close fit: 4.6 out of 5 points.

Stability and security are very important in sport – and not just after injuries. Proprioception (depth sensitivity), which is the ability to perceive joint position, joint movement and muscle strength, is important here. Increased proprioception improves muscular control over the joint. This leads to stabilisation, an increased sense of security and improved resilience.4 


All respondents agreed that wearing a support makes their joint feel more secure and stable. (62 percent “much more stable”, 38 percent “somewhat more stable”). The compression pressure was perceived as “just right” by 85 percent.    

“The perfect way to get back into training, especially after a ligament injury. You feel much more confident when jogging or jumping, for example.”

Vanessa Hinz, former biathlete at DSV, wore the Levamed E+motion for the ankle 

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* medi product comparison with own products

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