With optimised features – for all those who expect more from a medical aid


E+motion® bandages are medi’s Performance Collection. They combine functionality and design. With optimised new features, this still young collection is now going into the second round: Extra stable and flexible, it ensures perfect support under high stress conditions. People who are very active benefit particularly from this: Competitive athletes and recreational sport enthusiasts who place stress on their joints and their back, both at work and during leisure time.

E+motion® bandages are medical aids and lifestyle products at the same time; they combine medical effectiveness with exclusive features and a sporty look.



E⁺motion® bandages: medi's Performance Collection

E+motion Bandages
Performance made in Germany

Top support with maximum freedom of movement

In order to be fit again and fast, active exercise is essential. During physical activity, the E+motion bandages in medi’s award-winning sporty design offer stability and protection. They are made of high-elasticity active fibres and functional merino fibres: for more support and plenty freedom of movement. The high-tech material also creates a pleasant cooling on the skin: The capillaries transport the moisture from the skin to the surface of the bandage where it can evaporate. Performance made in Germany.


Extra high stability
for particularly strong support under high stress

Very high elasticity
for a secure fit, even during extreme movements

Functional merino fibres 
for improved heat regulation during the summer and winter 

Innovative active fibres
for perfect management of moisture on the skin

Extra large comfort zones
for more freedom of movement and wearing comfort

Made in Germany

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