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Neck supports from medi

Surgical collars reliably support the structure of the neck

The neck is a complex structure that connects the head to the body. Its special anatomy allows us to turn our heads far to the left and right to give us humans a wide horizontal field of vision. A surgical collar can immobilise the region after an accident or if the patient has rheumatic pain to relieve pain and promote healing.

Safely immobilised thanks to a surgical collar

The human neck (cervical spine) consists of seven vertebrae. The first cervical vertebra, known as the atlas, is particularly well known. It bears the weight of the whole head. We have the vertebrae and our strong neck and shoulder muscles to thank for the flexibility of our necks. A healthy person can quickly turn his head left and right, bend the neck to both sides and tilt his head forwards or back into the nape of his neck. A surgical collar restricts this mobility after injuries.

Versatile use - medi's surgical collars

Besides rheumatic conditions or a whiplash injury, muscular weakness or faulty posture can lead to problems with the cervical spine. Some of the consequences of this include a stiff neck and shoulders and headache. In serious cases, patients also develop dizziness, nausea or ringing in the ears. Anybody who is affected by these symptoms for a longer period of time should consult a doctor. The symptoms are often treated with surgical collars. These are medical orthoses that stabilise and relieve stress on the cervical spine and immobilise the neck region.