Achilles tendon supports

To relieve stresses and strains in chronic or acute irritative conditions

Achilles tendon supports from medi

Walk confidently and without pain with supports for the Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is our strongest tendon. It transmits the forces from the calf muscles to our feet with every step. In doing so, it withstands forces that are eight times higher than our own body weight. If the tendon is overstrained or injured, every movement hurts. Achilles tendon supports relieve symptoms and stabilise your gait.

"Light on your feet" with a soft support for the Achilles tendon

A healthy and stable Achilles tendon is essential for walking with confidence. Pain develops if this important tendon is overstrained or is too weak. The wrong shoes, injuries or operations can also lead to permanent irritative conditions or bursitis: then every step hurts. Special Achilles tendon supports can relieve symptoms and help patients to move around again with confidence.

Achilles tendon supports specifically relieve stresses and strains and protect the tendon

medi Achilles tendon supports boost the healing process. They massage the affected area with their compressive knit and the silicone pad to help reduce swelling. The heel wedge supplied with the support provides extra relief for the tendon. Thanks to the elastic material, the supports can be worn all day long. Another benefit is the soft silicone pad: this cushions and protects sensitive areas. The Clima Comfort add-on makes the supports breathable and skin-friendly. Sweat is immediately transported to the outside where it evaporates. medi Achilles tendon supports are put on easily like a sock, are highly elastic and relieve pain – no matter whether after an operation or an injury or in case of overstrain.