Ankle supports

Pinpoint, reliable support for the injured joint

Ankle supports from medi

Protection and stability for the ankle joint

Sports involving running and playing ball are popular hobbies, but they harbour potential for injury. Torn ligaments occur particularly often at the ankle joint. This joint connects the foot to the calf. The original injury is often followed by chronic instability. Ankle supports from medi immobilise the foot. Depending on the model, they can also be used during the mobilisation phase and help the joint to readjust to having a larger range of movement once again.

Comfortable and effective – therapy with ankle supports

Ankle supports immobilise the injured joint and relieve pain and swelling. Stabilising elements over the inside of the ankle give a firm hold. Depending on the type of injury, physiotherapy or sports help to improve mobility, co-ordination and strength until the original mobility has been regained.

Ankle supports promote healing for various indications

Ankle supports relieve the symptoms from various conditions. They are used if a joint has been sprained, a muscle has been strained or if a ligament has ruptured. Ankle supports from medi also buttress the joint in case of chronic instability and reduce stresses and strains after operations.