Thumb supports

Individual rest and support for the thumb joint

Thumb supports from medi

Thumb supports from medi reliably immobilise the thumb

Every movement, no matter how small, hurts when the thumb joint is inflamed or injured. The special position of the thumb means that we use it for practically every activity. This is why a restricted thumb joint is such a massive handicap in everyday living. Thumb supports immobilise the joint to speed up the healing process.

For stabilisation and reduced strain: supports for an irritated thumb joint

For example, medi thumb supports are used after tearing a lateral ligament, or for stabilising and resting the joint after an operation or in cases of chronic irritation. The light aluminium design ensures that the support is comfortable to wear and the orthopaedic technician can mould it individually to the patient's hand. This is why this medical device is also suitable for severely swollen hands after an operation.

For universal use

medi thumb supports are easy to put on: the patient simply slides his hand into the support and secures it with the Velcro fastener. The supports are comfortable to wear and, thanks to the aluminium construction, do not press on the sensitive surgical scar. The supports are available in three different sizes for both the left and right hand.