Diagnosis & treatment

Find out how to discover the signs of disorders, minimise risk factors and learn about the various patient management options and treatments

Diagnosis & treatment options

Find the right treatment

Venous diseases, back pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc. – some of these are very widespread conditions.

Which is exactly why it is particularly important to recognise the symptoms early. Only then can the right treatment method be found. Find out which form of treatment is particularly suitable for osteoporosis, how the early stages of venous diseases manifest themselves and how, for instance, to deal with painful joints.

The following pages give you the information you need to find your way around clinical pictures, treatments and anatomy. Readers will find solutions, which, following consultation with the treating doctor, will pave the way to the best possible individual therapy.

How do certain disorders develop and what symptoms point to them?

Clear explanations of common diseases help you categorise symptoms and then find the right treatment for you. The doctor and the correct treatment play an important part in the healing process. If you avoid the risk factors, you can prevent diseases or accelerate treatment.

But there can be no doubt about it – the Internet does not replace your doctor! Nevertheless, the more we know, the more specific questions we can ask to get clarifying answers from the doctor and medical retailers (e.g. surgical appliance retailers): our information gives empowered patients the chance to prepare for the doctor's consultation and to find a first-class healthcare solution together with the doctor and the surgical appliance retailer.

medical devices from medi as part of the whole treatment

Treatment of an illness is also called therapy. Different treatment objectives require different concepts. medi's medical devices offer outstanding possibilities in compression and functional therapy.

Whether the aim is to tackle the cause or to eliminate or relieve the symptoms, the overriding goal is always to restore the patient's physical and emotional health. The most important underlying principle: the correct medical diagnosis as the basis of successful treatment.

medi makes an important contribution with medical devices

  • in modern treatment for venous and oedematous diseases (medical compression and medical anti-embolism garments),
  • for thrombosis prophylaxis on journeys (travel socks) and in hospital (medical thrombosis prophylaxis stockings),
  • in functional treatment for osteoporosis, the back and joints (supports and braces),
  • for conditions of the locomotor and musculoskeletal apparatus (supports and braces)
  • and for sports injuries (supports and braces)

In the following pages, you will find treatment options, some of which go beyond the spectrum of those offered by medi. We see ourselves as part of the whole: our goal is use all the possibilities available to us to make a relevant contribution to improving patients' quality of life quickly and permanently.