Stabilisation and immobilisation of joints


Orthoses from medi

Orthoses/braces support the function of joints such as the shoulder, knee or ankle. They are used to relieve stress on the joint and to stabilise or immobilise it for irritative conditions, injuries (for example, ligament rupture) or after operations.

medi offers a large number of different braces. The doctor prescribes the brace if required; the trained staff at the surgical appliance retailer give advice and adjust the brace as necessary. In addition to this, the user is given valuable tips on how to apply, clean and wear the brace properly.

Using medi orthoses

medi has developed its orthoses/braces to suit the indications and for the area of use.

For instance, wrist braces use breathable materials for pleasant comfort in wear that is particularly noticeable over the palm of the hand.

4-point knee braces have a very light and flat frame and hinge construction. Innovative pads hold it securely on the leg.

For shoulder injuries, medi offers a wide variety of braces to promote the healing process. Here you will find a wide-ranging selection of shoulder joint braces from shoulder abduction splints to positioning cushions and inflatable shoulder abduction cushions.

Hyperextension braces for the upper body are not only easy to apply thanks to the patented ratchet fastener, but they are also used after disc surgery or after treatment of tumours or metastases in the spine.

With the Kidz series, medi also has the right products ready for little patients too. Besides surgical collars, there are specially developed clavicle braces that promote the correct union of the fractured bone by holding the shoulder back. medi also offers the right products for children who have injured their elbow, wrist or knee.