Elbow supports

Reliably immobilise and rest the elbow

Elbow supports from medi

Safe and stable healing phase with elbow supports

Our elbows are used so much every day: writing, lifting or sports all make different demands on the joint. A healthy elbow joint can be bent, straightened and rotated. It is very important to immobilise the joint after an injury or operation. The elbow supports from medi can be adjusted individually to specifically rest the elbow.

Orthoses relieve stresses on the elbow exactly where needed

Every movement, no matter how small, causes pain to an injured elbow. The elbow supports from medi help: the orthoses can be adjusted individually to limit flexion and extension of the joint. Thus the patient can avoid harmful movements of the hand. medi elbow supports are made of 100% aluminium, so they are truly "lightweights".

One orthosis, many uses

Elbow orthoses from medi support healing, relieve pain and rest the joint. Special cushions ensure that they are comfortable to wear and help reduce swelling of the elbow. The orthoses are used, for example, after an operation or fracture.