igli carbon insoles

Interactive carbon insoles

Interactive carbon insoles: interactive carbon insoles

Individual therapy for the foot and the body

The igli carbon insole is a dynamic, highly flexible medical aid that combines sensorimotor and conservative modes of action in a unique patented insole system. Variably mountable stimulation elements – the posts – act simultaneously on the position of the foot and on the overall body posture. The posts make it possible to elicit specific sensorimotor stimuli on the foot.

Carbon bar and posts

The extremely light and thin carbon bar has specific incisions that allow all biomechanical movement patterns and, at the same time, guarantee the highest possible three-dimensional stability.

The posts are secured to the carbon by Velcro, so they can be positioned wherever they are needed. Different sizes enable the effect of the igli carbon insole to be altered during the course of treatment. Thus the technician can adapt the insole individually to the client's needs.