The comprehensive medi OA therapy concept
Less pain - more gain

The comprehensive medi OA therapy concept

medi provides a comprehensive selection of medical aids for the conservative and pre- and post-operative therapy of osteoarthritis. Extensive patient information informs about disease progression and therapy options. Numerous tips also support self-management of patients.

Therapy commences after a comprehensive anamnesis has been taken by the doctor and is in line with their tailored therapy plan. The doctor creates this in consultation with the patient.

From the initial osteoarthritis diagnosis through to long-term therapy

The medi gonarthrosis therapy concept is based on the recommendations of the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI). It provides physicians, specialist retailers and patients with comprehensive treatment options because: medi provides solutions for all stages of the disease and for different patient types – all from a single source.

  • Conservative therapy
  • Surgical therapy
  • Patient information and self-management

Osteoarthritis therapy with medi

Gonarthrosis therapy with medi
  1. 1. Conservative therapy for osteoarthritis

    For the conservative therapy of mild to severe medial or lateral gonarthrosis, the following medical aids from medi are used:

  2. 2. Pre- and post-operative therapy for osteoarthritis

    Preoperative care: When braces are used on a test basis (brace test for unicompartmental relief) before operation (e.g. before corrective osteotomy), both the surgeon and patient receive helpful information about the expected surgical result. This also allows for a better assessment of the postoperative pain reduction.

    Postoperative care:  After surgery dealing with cartilage, cartilage plastic surgery or meniscus refixation, the brace supports the surgical outcome: It unburdens and stabilises the knee.  

  3. Patient information & self-management

    As a osteoarthritis patient, you can do a great deal to reduce pain and improve the treatment outcomes. The keyword here is self-management: Be active in dealing with the disease. For example, eat a healthy diet, lose weight sustainably and take regular physical activity.

    Tips for self-management

Return to movement – and to life

The medi solutions for osteoarthritis support the patient in effectively relieving the affected knee. They can significantly reduce pain, allowing you to be more mobile and active. This is because: Movement is an important part of osteoarthritis therapy.

Return to movement – and to life

Knee braces – effective relief and comfortable to wear

Available soon: medi Soft OA light

Available soon: medi Soft OA

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