Caring for compression hosiery

Care products for medi compression garments

Care products for medi compression garments

Textile care for consistent quality

Compression garments stay effective and attractive longer when they are treated and washed as recommended by the manufacturer: if worn every day, medi stockings also have to be washed every day, either at 40 degrees in the machine or by hand. All medi stockings are dryer-proof.

  • laundry net for compression socks protection
    medi laundry net

    Laundry net

  • medi clean detergent
    medi clean

    Hand wash liquid

medi's laundry net can be used for the machine wash. However, if no washing machine is available, the hand wash liquid medi clean is a quick and uncomplicated solution. Smaller stains can be treated with the medi spot ex spot removal liquid. For example, marks from shoes at the heel or toe can be dissolved before washing.

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