Ankle foot supports

Robust protection for injured feet

Ankle foot supports from medi

Safely "packed away" with ankle foot orthoses from medi

Ankle foot supports are the modern and comfortable alternative to classic plaster casts. Many conditions can be treated with a support these days. The ankle foot supports from medi can stabilise sprained joints or protect against twisting the ankle after tearing a ligament, for example

Easy to handle, effective and comfortable

The foot must first be immobilised after an injury. The ankle foot supports from medi are particularly suitable for this. They boost the healing process, for example, after rupturing the Achilles tendon or following a fracture. Depending on the clinical picture, they stabilise and fix the foot or help mobilise the patient step by step.

Individual application and removal of the support for easy handling

A plaster cast stays on the leg for several weeks, with the result that the doctor cannot inspect the foot and the patient cannot wash it. But with the innovative ankle foot supports from medi, both are now possible: they are simple to put on and take off again. The doctor can inspect the wound without any problems and personal hygiene is far easier.