Doctors & therapists

You would like to know which doctor or therapist treats which indications? With most symptoms, it is important to consult a specialist because only an expert can offer the best treatment.

Doctors & therapists

Medical specialties and indications

A specialist can confirm or dismiss a vague suspicion of findings with a high degree of certainty. Here you will find a list of what medical specialties there are and what they are concerned with. Find out which specialist can best help you with your diagnosis.

The practical search function will also help you find competent specialists directly in your area. This will help you find your diagnosis or the treatment you are looking for and, by means of the postcode, will lead you to the nearest specialist. You will also be provided with all the necessary information about opening and consulting hours as well as assessments and recommendations.

Overview of the various specialties

The specialists shown here are all connected with medi's activities, so no claim is made to completeness. If you cannot find the doctor you are looking for, please contact your general practitioner.