Travel socks

Specific compression against traveller's thrombosis

Travel socks from medi

Travel socks from medi

Travelling is one of our favourite pastimes. While these are often short trips, we do sometimes heed the call of distant lands. A long, cramped journey on an aircraft or in the car is one of the prices we pay for personally experiencing foreign cultures. We often arrive with heavy legs and swollen ankles and with an increased risk of thrombosis. medi has developed special travel socks to lower the risk and enable you to start your holiday with light legs.

Compression garments from medi - guardian angel on journeys

Sitting more or less motionless for long periods of time in cars, buses or aircraft slows down the blood circulation. The veins are kept busy pumping the blood back out of the legs in the direction of the heart. This is compounded on aeroplanes by the dry air and the low air pressure. This results in the legs swelling up and becoming tired - and the risk of thrombosis is increased.

Even people with a healthy venous system can then suffer traveller's thrombosis. The travel socks from medi exert specific compression to support the natural blood circulation. As with other medical compression garments, the pressure decreases from the ankle upwards. The result: the legs feel light and relaxed, even after long periods of sitting, and the risk of traveller's thrombosis is considerably minimised. (See: Hsieh / Lee 2005: Graduated compression stockings as prophylaxis for flight-related venous thrombosis: systematic literature review, in: J Adv Nurs, 51, p. 83-98.

Surgical appliance retailers stock special socks for men and women that are virtually indistinguishable from normal socks to look at. The size is defined by the ankle circumference and the calf length.