Ankle supports

Effective protection for the ankle joint

Ankle supports from medi

A firm footing with the ankle supports from medi

The ankle joint joins the foot to the lower leg. It is particularly vulnerable to injuries in sports. These often result in sprains or even ruptures of the lateral ligaments, because muscles tire towards the end of the sports session. Special supports stabilise the joint and protect the ankle in demanding situations. After an injury, they boost reduction of swelling and regeneration.

Prevent injuries and stabilise the joint

Ankle supports relieve irritative conditions and are also used to treat fractures that do not need a plaster cast. With their compressive knit and the integrated massage pads, modern ankle supports ensure better circulation. This can reduce swelling.

Fit again more quickly with ankle supports

medi supports are designed to be worn in sports shoes as well. The elastic and breathable material absorbs moisture immediately and transports it to the surface of the support, where it evaporates. The anatomical fit ensures that it is comfortable to wear. Post-traumatic, postoperative or chronic irritative conditions of the ankle joint can be treated with medi supports.