Repairing compression garments

Holes or laddering in your compression garments

Repairing compression garments

Can holes or ladders in compression garments be repaired?

Your stockings are holed or laddered and you'd like to have them repaired?

We will be pleased to inspect the holes or laddering in your compression garments to see whether it's possible to repair them. But as the manufacturer, we are unfortunately not allowed to accept any return goods directly from consumers. 

Simply ask a retailer of compression garments (e.g. surgical appliance retailer or pharmacy) to send the stockings to our Product service or Lymph service.

Please discuss the possible costs with the specialist dealer.

When he returns the goods, he can tell us that you would like to be informed about any possible costs in advance. The exact costs can only be calculated after we have inspected the actual stockings.

Please also consider the age of your old flat knit compression garments are. If they're more than a year old, they can no longer be repaired.

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