Size charts

For round knit compression garments

Size chart for compression garments

Click here for the measuring charts

To make sure that compression garments fit perfectly, patients must be measured for the exact size. We have prepared size charts for this. You will find them together with the product.

It’s good to know that the size of medical compression garments is always measured by trained staff in specialist medical retailers. There are no measuring charts for flat knit compression garments or for certain round knit measurement constellations that do not match the specifications for standard sizes.

  • You can navigate to the product via the product category. Once there, please click on the product you are interested in.
  • On the product page you will find an information section that is subdivided into tabs: "Properties", "Details", "Information for Healthcare Professionals", etc.
  • The measuring chart can be found under the tab "Details". Please refer to this for details of the measuring positions on the leg and for information on which leg circumferences correspond to which size.

Specialist dealers can enter your order with integrated size determination in medi's e-shop.

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