The new Spinomed® – support that fits.

Guideline-conformant therapy with medi

The new Spinomed® – support that fits.

The spine-straightening back braces Spinomed, Spinomed active and Spinomed active men have been contributing towards effective and side effect-free therapy for decades – especially for osteoporotic vertebral body fractures. 

The original reinterpreted – Spinomed®

Safe companions in everyday life: medi has further developed the proven original and is now setting new standards with innovative product features. The focus: The back brace should support effectively, fit perfectly and be barely noticeable, so that patients want to wear it.

A pivot joint and other properties such as the shoulder strap system with an immediate straightening effect enable easy handling, optimum fit and greater user comfort. For a life with more mobility – and guideline-conformant, successful therapy.

To the new Spinomed

Product details: The new Spinomed

  1. Pivot joint

    The innovative swivel joint decouples the back splint from the hip belt – for a secure fit and high user comfort in motion.

  2. Shoulder strap system

    Indication-specific rearward pull direction ensures straightening effect and pain relief. Pre-shaped shoulder straps with large opening enables easy donning and doffing.

  3. New sizing system

    The expanded sizing system increases the quality of care.

  1. Abdominal fastener

    Flexible swivel joints enable an optimal fit. Gripping aids on both sides offer easy and effortless closing.

  2. Back padding

    Optimised climate management and improved padding thanks to the new design and material increase user comfort.

Biofeedback mode of action

Strengthened muscles and improved posture: Spine-straightening back braces such as the Spinomed use the biofeedback principle. The materials, straps and back braces exert the necessary tension in a complex interaction. If the patient adopts poor posture, the Spinomed reminds them of the correct posture with gentle pressure. The muscles are reflexively tensed and strengthened, the upper body straightens up by itself again – a reminder function and training device in one.

More about biofeedback

The Spinomed® range: For an active everyday life with e. g. chronic back pain and osteoporosis


Holistic therapy – an added bonus for patients

At medi, optimal care goes far beyond the products: Holistic care also includes providing patients with comprehensive information, accompanying them in a variety of ways through therapy and encouraging them.