Elbow supports

Gently relieve stresses and strains and support the elbow joint

Elbow supports from medi

Mobile with elbow supports

The elbow joins the forearm to the upper arm as a joint we can bend, straighten and turn. The elbow is used every day – for simple to demanding movements such as writing, sports or lifting heavy weights. The elbow supports from medi enable the arm to be held in a resting position and promote the healing process after an injury.

When are medi's elbow supports used?

The elbow is put through its paces all day and every day, because it takes part in most movements. Whether driving a car, working at the computer or even when apparently resting, reading a book on the couch – the elbow is always involved, be it with holding, lifting, supporting or pulling. This stress increases as soon as sporting activities come into play.

During sports, after an operation and in day-to-day life – get fit more quickly with elbow supports

Pain in the elbow has many different causes and affects both men and women of all ages. The causes range from incorrect use or overstrain to inflammation or an injury after an accident. The best known is probably what is known colloquially as "tennis elbow", an inflammation of the origin of the tendons. Sufferers include not only athletes, but also workmen or musicians. Other clinical pictures are inflammation of the joint in osteoarthritis and chronic or postoperative irritative conditions.

The elbow supports from medi can relieve pain, reduce swelling and relieve and stabilise joints and muscles. Integrated massage pads and the compressive knit boost healing. The support can be fitted individually to the arm using the strap. The special anatomically-contoured knit and fastener shape in the bend of the elbow make it comfortable to wear.