Medical compression garments

Disease-modifying treatment for venous diseases

Treatment for venous diseases

Compression garments from medi for treating veins

Medical compression garments are used as disease-modifying treatment of impaired venous function. The doctor chooses the correct garment for the patient on the basis of the clinical picture. The length (knee socks, thigh-length stockings or pantyhose) is just as important as the compression class.

Adjunctive treatment of veins

Varicose vein surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures for women, who suffer from this condition more often than men. Quite a lot can be done in advance to prevent venous disease.

Regular exercise, elevating the legs and keeping an eye on your weight are some of these. If there are already signs pointing to venous disease (for example heavy, swollen legs or spider veins), the doctor can prescribe medical compression garments. These can counteract progression of the disease and are a help in day-to-day life, especially for those who have to stand at work.

The doctor can prescribe medical compression garments for venous disease twice a year. Patients are then measured for these by the surgical appliance retailer. The comfort in wear is additionally enhanced thanks to air-permeable high-tech fibres that ensure a pleasant microclimate for the skin.

medi has been continually improving its compression garments for over 60 years. It is very important that the garments are not only breathable and antibacterial, but that they are comfortable and fit exactly as well. These medical devices are not only functional and practical, but compression garments in the mediven elegance and mediven comfort ranges are barely distinguishable from Nylons and are fashionable: they are available in fashionable trend colours that can be combined with the rest of the outfit in day-to-day life just as well as on festive occasions. Even crystal motifs can be added.

medi has developed compression pantyhose for pregnant women with a panty top that has been designed especially for the baby tummy.

Attractive compression therapy is also available for men. The men's socks are barely distinguishable from "normal"socks.