Donning compression garments without donning aids


Donning compression garments without donning aids

Tips and tricks

Here you can find our tips on donning compression garments properly without donning aids.

Avoid overstretching the material when putting on the stocking; otherwise it will not fit your leg properly.

If you have any problems, ask your surgical appliance retailer how you can most easily don your compression garment. Your adviser will show you and practice it with you.

Donning a medical compression stocking with a toe

How to put on a medical compression stocking with toe. In this video, you will get valuable information on how easily it works.

Step 1

Reach into the compression garment and grasp the heel.

Step 2

Turn the compression garment inside out at the heel.

Step 3

Pull the compression garment up over the foot to the heel.

Step 4

Hold the knit of the outer layer at the middle of the foot.

Step 5

Lift the fold in the fabric up over your heel.

Step 6

Again use both hands to hold the material that is hanging down.

Step 7

Smoothen the fabric evenly up over your calf.

Step 8

Pull the stocking up to the knee in stages.

Step 9

Hold the knit again and pull it up over your knee.

Step 10

Check that the whole compression garment or pantyhose fits properly.