Caring for compression garments

The right care for your compression stockings is absolutely essential

Caring for compression garments

How should I care for my compression garments?

In order to maintain its functionality, the garment should be washed every day in the evening after taking it off.

We recommend special care products that are kind to the knit. For example, use the hand wash liquid medi clean.


  • It has a gentle cleaning action.
  • The compression garments keep their colour.
  • Always follow the washing instructions and only wash your stockings by hand or if you wash them in the machine, use only the delicates cycle at 30 or 40 degrees.
  • Do not use optical brighteners or fabric softeners.
  • The stockings can be spin-dried normally at 1,000 or 1,200 rpm.
  • Please do not leave the moist stockings in a towel after washing them.
  • Simply leave the compression garments to air dry or dry them in a tumble drier (also using the delicates cycle).
  • Drying your garment in the sun or on a radiator is not recommended.

How often should I wear my compression stockings?

Very simple: all day, every day is ideal. The garment is indispensable for all those who spend long periods of time sitting, standing or travelling.

When worn regularly, the medical efficacy of the garment holds for approx. 6 months. After this, the strength of the knit starts to decrease.

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