Brands and highlights from medi

Medical, Fashion, Sports

Brands and highlights from medi

medi's product range

medi can look back at over 60 years' experience in the production of medical devices such as compression garments and supports. The medi brand stands for high-quality medical devices in the fields of Phlebology, Orthopaedics, Hospital and Footcare. Professional and amateur athletes alike rely on the sportswear brand CEP - for better performance and more rapid regeneration. The fashion brands ITEM m6 and mJ-1 stand for the fusion of fashion and medical efficacy.

medi's brand world

medi: a medical device is only really good when the user does not perceive it as such. This is why "well-being" and "pleasing" are just as important for our medical devices as "effect". This makes medi one of the leading manufacturers in the market for medical devices.

CEP: good health is our greatest asset in sports too. Only those who are healthy can play sports regularly and achieve peak performance. CEP stands for function and efficacy combined with the know-how of internationally acclaimed top athletes and sports doctors. CEP sportswear is not only extremely comfortable to wear, but the products also improve performance, boost regeneration capacity, stabilise muscles and joints and protect against injuries.

ITEM m6: ITEM m6 is a novel stocking and shapewear concept Made in Germany. medi compression technology and the associated comfortable pressure gradient provide an energy boost that lends you and your legs a unique feeling of lightness: the supply of oxygen to the whole body is improved and the shaping effects give your legs a perfect silhouette.