Skin care

Skin care products for soothing compression therapy

Skin care products for soothing compression therapy

Skin stressed by veins profits from this special care

Dry, cracked skin on the feet is a taboo for many people. Patients with venous disorders are often affected because the natural balance of their skin is disturbed. The skin care products from medi contain substances that are matched to compression therapy. The whole body's well-being profits from careful skin and foot care.

  • medi day gel 150ml
    medi day

    Skin care gel for the day

  • medi night creme 150ml
    medi night

    Night-time skin care cream

  • medi fresh Spray 100ml
    medi fresh

    Cooling spray

The right care for your skin

medi day gets the day off to a very good start: the care gel reduces the feeling of tension and the sensitivity of the skin before putting the compression garments on. It tones up the vessel walls and stabilises the tissue structure. The skin care cream medi night boosts regeneration and soothes stressed skin after the compression garments have been taken off. medi cream foam is another medi skin care product. It makes the epidermis smooth and silky and gives compression garments with a topband additional grip.

The medi fresh spray refreshes heavy legs. The spray is very easy to use: it is simply sprayed onto the stocking – the cooling effect is felt immediately. 

The medi smooth foot peeling against calloused skin and scales around the heel and balls of the feet helps. The finely ground pumice stone leaves noticeably smooth and attractive feet.