leg stocking wound compressionleg stocking wound compression
leg stocking wound compressionleg stocking wound compression

mediven® ulcer kit

Double layer compression stocking with 40 mmHg for the treatment of venous leg ulcers
  • Therapeutic effect, even at night
  • Prevents odours thanks to antibacterial effect
  • Soft cuff ensures maximum comfort
Product variety
Standard colours
Material components
mediven ulcer: polyamide 71%, elasthane 28%, silver 1%
mediven ulcer plus: polyamide 75%, elasthane 25%
Below-knee stocking

Innovative two component stocking system for the acutephase of the therapy of venous leg ulcer.

Treatment for venous leg ulcers demands a cleverly thought out treatment concept. Your venous leg ulcer can be treated with the mediven ulcer kit. The ulcer kit consists of two stockings that are worn over each other: mediven ulcer and mediven ulcer plus. The incorporation of elemental silver promotes wound healing and has an antibacterial effect.

Product features
  • Compression at the ankle 20 mmHg 
  • Inspection opening on the sole of the foot 
  • Yarn coated with elemental silver, which acts against all known pathogenic micro-organisms, binds odours and rules out pathogenic micro-organism resistance 
  • Colour marking knitted-in at the instep/heel region for exact positioning 
  • Soft upper cuff 
  • Universal length (up to 44 cm calf length) 
  • 2 in each sale unit
  • Therapy for venous ulcers (CEAP classification C6)
  • Therapy for recurrent venous ulcer (CEAP classification C6r)
  • Therapy for mixed ulcers (due to arterial and venous issues), taking the contraindications into account
  • Prevention of recurrence of venous ulcer (CEAP classification C5)
Size table
Circumferences in cmcD27 - 3329 - 3632 - 3934 - 4236 - 4538 - 4840 - 50
cB18 - 2020 - 2222 - 2424 - 2626 - 2828 - 3030 - 32
Length in cm34 - 3839 - 44
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