How are lipomed garments used?

In practice

lipomed bra compression garments

lipomed is used to compress the surgical site after liposuction

The high calibre cannulas used to suck out the fatty tissues leave channels under the skin. This causes irregularities of the skin's surface, which are evened out by the direct postoperative compression. Thus, wearing compression garments is an essential factor for the desired outcome of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

The patient wears lipomed according to the doctor's instructions. As a rule, this is for a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the operation.

Contraindications – the doctor decides

lipomed must not be used by patients with arterial circulatory disorders, a high risk of thrombosis or with breathing difficulties. If swelling in the genital area or sensory disorders are observed while wearing compression garments, treatment with lipomed must be discontinued. The garments may only be worn longer under medical supervision.

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