What are the indications for the lipomed products?

Compression following plastic surgery

What are the indications for the lipomed products from medi?


When are the lipomed products used?

lipomed belt

lipomed belt was developed in combination with lipomed bra for use after breast augmentation. The job of lipomed belt is to stop the implants from "wandering upwards".

lipomed bra

lipomed bra is a multifunctional compression bra with a design similar to sport bras. It is used both after breast reduction and after breast augmentation.

What are the special features of the lipomed bra?

  • the hook and eye tape for easy fastening together with the zip at the front guarantee circular compression and reduce the tendency for the material to roll over
  • because all the seams are on the outside, grooves cannot form in the tissues
  • the self forming cups (cup size B – C) do not need an extra underwire, so they reliably prevent any grooves forming in the fold below the bust
  • the desired compression pressure and cup size can be adjusted quickly and simply using the hook and eye tape in the strap
  • the lipomed bra's wide straps make it very comfortable to wear. The hook and eye tape does not protrude, so it can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.
  • pressure reinforcement zones in the wings give additional support and mould the lower outer part of the breast

lipomed shirt

lipomed shirt man is used for compression after liposuction of the chest, abdomen, shoulders and arms in men. The product is available for women as lipomed shirt woman, which has a special construction feature to minimise the compression over the female breast. lipomed shirt is manufactured exclusively in black and as a made to measure model.

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