medi SAS 15 shoulder abduction cushion

Instruction for patients

medi SAS 15 shoulder abduction cushion

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The medi SAS 15 can be used for either the left or the right shoulder.

To decide on the correct size, please measure the length of the patient's forearm from the elbow to the knuckles. The product is available in size Small for a forearm length of up to 34 cm, Medium between 35 and 39 cm and Large for 39 cm and above.

For postoperative use, the medi SAS 15 orthosis is usually fitted to the patient while he is still in the operating theatre to avoid harmful movements of the operated shoulder when the patient is repositioned.

This procedure is possible in both the side-lying and the beach chair positions.

The abduction cushion of the medi SAS 15 has a thicker and a thinner end.

Instructions for using the medi SAS 15 shoulder abduction cushion

  1. Once the medi SAS 15 has been adjusted properly, you can don the product alone after the operation depending on the degree of mobility, whereby excessive strain on the operated shoulder should be avoided.
  2. Place the forearm with the injured shoulder within the arm pouch and close the pouch above the hand with the help of the Velcro fastener.
  3. Now stand straight and fasten the shoulder and abdominal straps.
  4. If necessary, ask for help to avoid damaging movements of the operated shoulder.
  5. The medi SAS 15 should be worn during the day and at night.
  6. You can wash the orthosis in cold water and mild soap suds and then allow it to air dry.

We hope you will get well soon!!

Shoulder abduction splints from medi

medi SAS® 15 shoulder abduction splint


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