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mediven catalogue

Overview of the mediven compression garment range

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the mediven product catalogues and find it pleasant to work with.

Quick reference guides for ideal compression care will help you find your way around quickly. They are classified by:

Indication and compression classes

The first quick reference guide makes it easier for you to find a certain indication and a given compression class.

Overview of the product range classified by length and attachment

For instance, you're looking for a knee sock with a silicone topband? The second overview is sorted according to lengths and attachments, and quickly gives you the information you want.

The colour spectrum classified by availability of the standard colours

All good things come in threes! Your client would like a dark navy stocking for professional reasons? The practical overview enables you to find the available stockings immediately.

Product catalogues

Do you have any wishes or suggestions to help us make our product catalogue even better? We'd be grateful for your feedback and constructive suggestions.

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