medi protect CSB backmedi protect CSB back
medi protect CSB backmedi protect CSB back


Back brace for posture correction
  • Strap system straightens the thoracic spine
  • Improved posture through activation of muscles
  • Good posture becomes a habit
Product variety
Standard colours
Suitable for
Unisex sizing
Material components
Polyamide, elastane, polyurethane, nylon, dorlastane

Back brace for posture correction

protect.CSB is a back brace for correcting posture. The product is to be used exclusively for treatment of the spine and is only intended for use on unbroken skin.

Product features
  • Orthosis is almost invisible under clothing
  • Supportive mouldable aluminium bars for excellent strengthening of the back and muscular stabilisation
  • Highly elastic strap system for great comfort.
  • Adaptable loop for individual positioning of the strap system.
  • Elastic straps can be cut to desired length.
  • Poor posture, postural deviations or spinal deviations
  • Posture-related pain in the spine
  • Muscle weakness an/or imbalance in the back
  • Hunched back with chronic back pain
  • None known at present. 
  • If applied correctly, there are no contraindications. You should consult the doctor treating you you before you use it if the following circumstances apply to you: Disease or injury to the skin in the area that the shirt is used on, particulary when signs of infection (excessive heat, swelling or redness) are apparent.
Size table
circumference waist (cm)wM56 - 6464 - 7272 - 8080 - 9090 - 100
article numberG.830.501G.830.502G.830.503G.830.504G.830.505
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