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If supports are worn regularly, they can relieve pain. This is never more true than when they are very comfortable to wear, something that 85% of support wearers attach great importance to.*

Besides their medical efficacy, patients find the comfort features in medi's supports particularly convincing. medi has now made its time-proven supports even better: with a new knit technology for even more comfort in wear.

Representative survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy commissioned by eurocom e.V. (2014): "Better quality of life, less pain: benefits and efficacy of orthopaedic medical devices", (

Lumbamed support from medi

Innovative and tried-and-tested knitted fabric technology

medi Innovative and tried-and-tested knitted fabric technology
  1. Comfort Zone

    medi supports have soft zones in the sensitive flexor areas and ensure that the support fits comfortably, even when worn for longer periods of time. The new comfort zone is even softer, even sheerer and even more elastic – for more comfort in wear you can feel!

  2. Clima Fresh

    The integrated Clima Fresh function has an antibacterial action and prevents the formation of odours. The material keeps bacteria away from the knit and maintains fibre-deep hygiene.

  3. Fit and elasticity

    The new comfort knit is marked by its particularly high elasticity and anatomical fit, because: both longitudinal and transverse elasticity have been considerably increased– while retaining its full compressive effect and stability. So the knit moulds itself even more snugly to the body's anatomy. 

  4. Fibre technology

    medi's comfort knit combines new and time-proven fibre technologies. The high-tech fibre together with the new natural eucalyptus fibre ensures optimised moisture management. What's more, the knit is tangibly softer and, above all, more comfortable to wear on the skin.

  5. Clima Comfort

    Our time-proven Clima Comfort technology has been improved further still thanks to the very latest materials. Moisture is transported outwards quickly and reliably. At the same time, the high breathability improves the air circulation– for a pleasant microclimate all year round.

Product benefits

Clima Comfort

Clima Comfort

Dynamic microclimate exchange with the skin thanks to the breathable structure of the knit and the modern fibre technologies.

Clima Fresh

Clima Fresh

The Clima Fresh function is integrated in all knitted supports, it has an antibacterial action and ensures fibre-deep hygiene.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Special knitting technology is used to make the knit softer and more elastic in the particularly sensitive flexor regions.

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Overview of all the comfort supports

Selecting supports according to the part of the body involved
  1. Back

    Back: Click here for back supports with the new medi comfort knit.

  2. Knee

    Knee: Click here for knee supports with the new medi comfort knit.

  3. Hand and Elbow

    Hand and Elbow: Click here for hand and elbow supports with the new medi comfort knit.

  4. Ankle

    Ankle: Click here for ankle supports with the new medi comfort knit.