Men and compression

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Venous health is also a man's business

Men are also affected by venous disease. However, they under estimate the risk and refrain from consulting a doctor.

By addressing the problem early and with your prompt diagnosis and competent advice, you as a doctor help to counteract the progression of venous disease. This saves high costs for late complications and increases the quality of life of those affected.

Prevention of venous diseases

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Compression stockings for men

In order to prevent venous disease or the progression of existing venous insuffiency, it is important to encourage your patients, particularly men, to do regular specific vein exercises and to wear medical compression socks.

Many patients have initial reservations about medical compression garments. Men are no exception. Therefore, it is useful to explain their positive action and why it is so important to wear them, ideally every day.

Present-day medical compression garments are a modern, high-tech development that unites skin-friendly materials, pleasant wearing properties and compression as prescribed. In this way, medical efficacy can be achieved extremely comfortably.