protect.SA 15

Shoulder abduction pillow

  • Universal fit
  • Simple and rapid adaptation

 Medical specifications

Shoulder abduction pillow to assist with shoulder immobilisation

The protect.SA 15 is a shoulder abduction support. The product is
exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the shoulder and only on
intact skin.


Product benefits

Intended purpose

Relief of shoulder joint, humerus and elbow

Goal setting

The protect.SA15 can be used on both the right and the left sides.
Take the sling off the cushion and open the fastener on the hip belt.
Place the cushion on the hip of the affected side. Wrap the belt around your waist and secure it. Hang the bag around your neck and lay your arm in the sling.
Make sure that your elbow is lying comfortably in the sling.
Adjust the length of the shoulder strap. If the strap is too long you can undo the Y Velcro strip, trim the strap to the desired length with scissors, and reattach the fastener. Attach the sling to the cushion with the Velcro strip.
Place the neck/shoulder padding in the correct position.


Standard colours

Material components

PU-foam, Cotton

Washing instructions

The product should not be worn in water. Velcro fasteners should be closed for washing. Soap residues, lotions and ointments can cause skin irritation and material wear.
Pillow case, bag and straps can be washed by hand, preferably using medi clean washing agent.

  • Do not bleach.
  • Leave to dry naturally.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.




Medical specifications


  • After rotator cuff surgery
  • Postoperative immobilisation after arthroscopic removal of calcium deposits and after decompression of the subacromial space
  • For decompression of the subacromial space in acute and chronic bursitis
  • Conservative immobilisation of a first-time shoulder dislocation

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