Innovations in mediven oedema therapy

New functional zones, colours and patterns for individual treatment

Innovations in mediven oedema therapy

In 2018, mediven oedema therapy is going floral, pastel and polka dot, with additional functions

Starting in June, new functional zones, colours, and a new pattern for the fashion elements will allow specialist dealers to respond in an even more targeted manner to the wishes of patients. Attractive and individually supplied treatment that is suited to the condition motivates patients to engage with therapy, and strengthens customer loyalty to the specialist dealer.

New: Functional zones for knees and elbows

The quality mediven 550 leg is now available with a knee functional zone. When the leg bends, the special fabric contracts in the back of the knee. At the same time, it is so flexible that it stretches over the kneecap. The function ensures greater user comfort both when sitting and in motion, such as when cycling.

The elbow functional zone has been developed for on the same principle for the 550 mediven arm treatment. This is particularly recommended for patients who often hold their arms in a bent position, such as when working at a computer.

New: The bunionette relief zone

The bunionette relief zone for the quality mediven 550 leg is also new. This common deformation on the outer edge of the foot results from a misalignment of the outermost metatarsal. The ball of the little toe protrudes to the side, and is very sensitive to pressure. The bunionette relief zone minimises the feeling of pressure and offers an ideal fit. The special feature: for patients with a hallux valgus deformation, the mediven 550 leg treatment can be supplied with the corresponding relief zone on the inner edge of the foot.

mediven flat knit combines function and design in an original and unique way

New colours and a new pattern for mediven fashion elements

Flat knit in lilac and pink – according to Pantone, the new pastel colours are the trend for 2018. They make a playful impression and can be combined with many different colours, either contrasting or matching.

Patients were involved in the process of developing the designs for the new mediven fashion element. Within the framework of a creative competition organised by medi, the winning “flower” design was selected from 160 submissions. Peter Hoffeins, Research and Development Manager for Supports & Lymphology at medi, says, “For us at medi, it was obvious that we would also be using the winning design. A design directly from the creative pen of a patient – that’s really unique!”

The faces of the new flat knit campaign are the lipoedema patients Caroline Sprott and Carina Schmalenberg. The young women motivate patients to remain self-confident and strong in coping with their condition. In their blogs and, they show how simple mediven makes it to dress like a fashion professional and feel comfortable. As well as being available with design and fashion elements, mediven flat knit compression treatments can also be decorated with Swarovski® crystals*.

*Swarovski® is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.

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