New mediven flat knit products

New details for mediven flat knit compression

New mediven flat knit products - New mediven flat knit products

Arm and leg cuffs, toe caps, non-slip silicone dots

In March 2018, medi began offering new details for customised treatment with flat knit compression on the toe caps, arm and leg cuffs as well as by adding non-slip silicone dots.

Leg and arm cuffs

medi has harmonised its range of leg and arm cuffs: In addition to the mediven 550 leg and mediven 550 arm, the range has been extended to include the mediven mondi (leg) and mediven mondi Esprit (arm).

Fully knitted toe caps

medi now offers fully knitted toe caps as an option for all lengths of mediven flat knit garments. These were previously only available for knee and thigh-length stockings. The special feature is that the fully knitted toe cap can be ordered in a different compression class. Toe caps are often selected in a lower class for comfort.

Individual toe caps

On the individual toe caps, a seam along the side of the big toe was stitched in on the bottom of the foot. Users have already said that this solution is very comfortable for the fully knitted toe cap. The separate toe cap is particularly suited to immobile patients as well as double treatments for pronounced oedema on the instep.

Stefanie Philbert, Product Marketing Manager for Lymphology: “We collaborate closely with specialist retailers in order to tailor flat knit garments to patients and are delighted when we can fulfil our customers’ requests. This results in new, sophisticated options, more choice, more scope for treatment and therefore more comfort for users!”

Non-slip silicone dots improve the hold of the garment

The non-slip silicone dots can now also be placed in other positions in the usual size of 10 by 4.5 centimetres:

  • two along the oblique of the upper edge,
  • at the front and / or at the back of the panty top, horizontally on the left and right.

They are attached either on the inside or the outside of the knit using a special procedure. The non-slip silicone dots on the inside improve the hold of the garment. The outside silicone print on the sole enhances the grip and safety when walking on smooth floors. What’s more, the non-slip silicone dots offer a more attractive look than stitched topband sections.

mediven flat knit compression garments can also be embellished with design and fashion elements as well as with Swarovski® crystals*.

* Swarovski® is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.

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